Harvia Sauna Heater

harvia sauna heater

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Sauna End Elevation

Sauna End Elevation

The end elevation shows the lowest level landscaping terrace wall wrapping around to make a high corner that the sauna building nestles into. The exterior materials transition from the heavy (granite walls providing visual and emotional privacy), to the moderate painted shingles, to the light (fully opening casement windows) as privacy becomes less of a concern and the building opens to the garden.

Sauna Inetrior Day

Sauna Inetrior Day

This photo shows some of the interior materials. Slightly tapered granite walls, timber framing (reclaimed from demolished boat docks in Portland), oiled cedar ceiling, peruvian walnut (the sauna itself), and recycled chalkboard slate (from a school in Bellingham) for the floors.

harvia sauna heater

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